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adix, registry operator of .tech and 8+ other new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) like .online, .store etc. announced that a start-up using a premium .tech domain, raised $6.7 million in funding last week.

The domain ‘‘ was privately brokered for an undisclosed amount earlier this year and is being used by a United States based startup. The company using works in conjunction with research labs and top investors to kick start and fund new innovations. First announced on, is the only new TLD featured in the list of the top startups funded last week.

In 2016, comes as a second big win for .tech, as it quickly gains popularity on the startup scene. Earlier this year in February, the winners of the Launch Hackathon (in San Francisco) also used a .tech domain for their project — The startup was the official winner of the Launch Hackathon and took home $250,000 as an investment from the event organizers.

CTA displaying its brand new domain at SXSW The TLD has also seen usage from popular and leading brands like CTA (the organizers of CES), Microsoft and Baidu. CTA showed off its brand new URL at SXSW, Microsoft is using the premium domain for its tech rewards program that helps developers hone their tech and programming skills. Baidu has secured its brand and points to its .com URL.

Suman Das, Category Manager for .TECH at Radix said « Usage and Adoption have been the key focus for .TECH since inception. The extension continues to woo innovators, early adopters and strikes a chord with the tech community. We love innovation and are thrilled to have BlueDot ( join the .TECH Community »

.tech has been actively working its way into the tech community and creating brand visibility through hackathons and tradeshows. Radix has already partnered with 20+ universities & organized hackathons in the first quarter with the eventual goal of making .TECH the de-facto TLD for the tech and start up community.

The .tech zone stands at 89,000+ domain names at the time of this release & it is also featured as one of the most used new gTLDs.



Hackers using expired domain names to launch new malware attacks

Expired domain names are becoming the latest route for cyber criminals to find their way into the computers of unsuspecting users.

Cyber criminals launched a malicious advertising campaign this week targeting visitors of popular news and entertainment websites after gaining ownership of an expired web domain of an advertising company.

Users visiting the websites of the New York Times, Newsweek, BBC and AOL, among others, may have installed malware on their computers if they clicked on the malicious ads., the website used by hackers to serve up malware, expired on Jan. 1 and was registered again on March 6 by a different buyer, security researchers at Trustwave SpiderLabs wrote in a blog.

Buying the domain of a small but legitimate ad company provided the criminals with high quality traffic from popular web sites that publish their ads directly, or as affiliates of other ad networks, the researchers said.

New York Times spokesman Jordan Cohen said the company was investigating if the attack had any impact. « To be clear, this is impacting ads from third parties that are beyond our control. »

Newsweek, BBC and AOL could not be immediately reached for comment.

The researchers also found two more expired « media »-related domains – and – used by the same cyber criminals.

The people behind the campaign may be on keeping a watch for expired domains with the word « media » in them, they said.

.Cloud domains are now on sale

dimanche 21 février 2016 @ 14:06 posted by Nicolas MATA

If you’ve been hanging on for the perfect domain name for your cloud computing, skydiving, or weather forecasting website, now’s your chance — you can now buy .cloud domain names. Major domain name registrars including 1and1 and GoDaddy are now offering the suffix for around $20 to $25, more than a year after the right to control the .cloud top level domain was won by Italian company Aruba.

Aruba — Italy’s biggest domain name and hosting company — outbid Amazon, Google, and four other competitors for the .cloud name in November 2014. At the time the company said it would offer the domains at mass-market prices, rather than try to charge exorbitant fees for cloud-based companies who might want a correspondingly named site. In a world of .co, .ly, and .pizza domains, .cloud isn’t exactly the most catchy name, but if you’re fast, you might still be able to get

Cars Registry, a joint venture between XYZ and Uniregistry, today announced public availability of its domains ending in .Cars, .Car, and .Auto. Dealerships, manufacturers, and all other businesses can now register auto-specific domains on a first-come, first-served basis.

The global launch of .Cars, .Car, and .Auto follows a successful Early Access Period, where domains like V.Auto, AppleFord.Cars, Cox.Auto, and Exotic.Cars were registered. Manufacturer registrations include Lamborghini.Cars, Infiniti.Cars, Genesis.Auto, and Toyota.Auto. Domains like Michelin.Auto, BFGoodrich.Auto, and StateFarm.Cars were also secured by automotive businesses. Industry newcomers, including Apple.Car, GoogleX.Cars, and Alibaba.Auto, have also registered.

Auto-specific domain names give businesses an opportunity to establish themselves as industry leaders by securing short, geographic, and keyword domains like 1.Car, LA.Auto, and Hybrid.Cars for a standard fee.

« Businesses can now truly expand their reach. A Florida-based dealer group could dominate its market by showcasing its inventory on web addresses like Orlando.Cars, FL.Car, JAX.Cars, and Miami.Auto, » said Mike Ambrose, COO of Cars Registry.

Several automotive businesses have already begun using the new domains to stand out from their competition. Scholfield launched its new portal on Wichita.Cars, while STL Motorcars has rebranded to STL.Cars. STL.Cars is already a top search result for terms like « St Louis Bentley » and « STL exotics. »

Businesses registering a .Cars, .Car, or .Auto domain are also eligible to have their website migrated to their new domain at no cost: « The transition from to STL.Cars by the Cars Registry white-glove team was extremely simple, and enabled us to maintain our search engine ranking, SEO, and emails in the process, » said dealership principal Graham Hill.

To register .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains, visit www.Go.Cars or authorized retailers like GoDaddy.Cars, NetworkSolutions.Cars, Uniregistry.Cars, and

About Cars Registry Limited
Cars Registry Limited is the registry operator for .Cars, .Car, and .Auto. Founded in 2015 by domain industry leaders XYZ and Uniregistry, the company provides Internet naming options for the automotive industry.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)  released it annual report yesterday for 2014 and Year to Date numbers through September 2015 for cases it decided under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”)

Cases filed ins 2014 were up only 2% from 2013,  with 2,634 cases being lodged by trademarks owners claiming abuse of their mark.

Country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) – accounted for 13% of all filings in 2014 with 71 national domain registries now designating this WIPO service.

As of 30 September 2015,  14% of WIPO’s 2015 cases are new gTLD’s

Between January 1 and September 30th, 2015, the number of UDRP cases is up 3.9% with  2,015 UDRP cases were filed, against 1,940 UDRP being filed in the same 9 month time frame in 2014.

Of course that numbers do not include cases filed under the Uniform Rapid Suspension Policy (URS) since those are only being handled by a competitor to WIPO the National Arbitration Forum which also handles UDRP cases.

bankQu’est ce que les institutions financiaires ont besoin de savoir au sujet du .bank?

Dans les deux dernières années, l’ICANN, l’organisation internationale responsable de la gestion et de la surveillance de l’Internet, a approuvé la libération de centaines de nouveaux domaines de premier niveau (TLD) y compris le .bank. Cette vaste expansion de l’Internet au-delà des TLD traditionnels, tels que .com, .net et .org, a profondément affecté les propriétaires de marques. D’une part, ils doivent maintenant surveiller leurs marques sur l’ensemble des nouveaux TLD ce aui peut aggraver le coûts de leur département en propriété intellectuelle pour la mise en œuvre effective de leurs  droits. Ces nouveaux TLD peuvent également être mis à profit par les entreprises pour protéger leurs marques et noms premium. Le .bank présente une telle opportunité.

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Cela fait 30 années depuis que le premier nom de domaine a été enregistré, mais quel étaient le plus cher?

Le 15 Mars 1985, le premier nom de domaine Internet a été enregistré c’était, une société d’informatique aux États-Unis.

Depuis lors, nous utilisons des sites Web (ou noms de domaine) tous les jours, en fait, pour beaucoup d’entre nous, les URL vers des sites Web préférés sont aussi importants que les numéros de téléphone de la famille.

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Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr. a remporté les droits sur le nom de domaine dans une action en  UDRP .

Bien que le domaine en question était un nouveau gTLD M. Downey a déposé une plainte via une action UDRP.

Le contrevenant qui vit en Inde, Shashank Agarwal, a d’abord dit qu’il était «connu publiquement par Robert Downey Jr» comme un nom d’écran afin de poursuivre sa carrière dans le cinéma indien plus populairement connue comme ‘Bollywood’ … et a acheté … afin de publier le portefeuille Web pour obtenir une exposition plus importante.

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.pizza o sole mio

lundi 17 novembre 2014 @ 14:49 posted by Nicolas MATA

La période de Sunrise  du .PIZZA pour les marques déposées dans la TMCH a lieu du 30 septembre 2014 au 29 novembre 2014.

Les noms de domaine en  .PIZZA seront disponibles à tous dès le 10 décembre 2014.

Le coût pour un .pizza en varie de 45€ à 75€ selon les Registrars et selon les promotions.

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The rise of .London

samedi 8 novembre 2014 @ 18:52 posted by Nicolas MATA

GTLD géographiques (noms de domaine générique de premier niveau) sont un excellent ajout à toute entreprise présente en ligne et peuvent vous aider à ajouter immédiatement à vos marques de la perception en ligne.

Il y a une demande claire et croissante de ces types de domaines avec .berlin, .nyc .london et toutes équipées dans les dix nouveaux gTLD les plus populaires. Même avant que le domaine .london soit devenu disponible au grand public, il avait reçu plus de 29 000 inscriptions. Après l’ouverture au grand public, les immatriculations ont bondi de plus de 9.000 en une seule journée.

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