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.SHOP registrations starts June 30 2016

Tuesday June 21st, 2016 @ 12:22 PM posted by Nicolas MATA


Application Stages

Sunrise: 30 June 2016 15:00 UTC au 29 August, 2016 23:59 UTC.

Only for trademark holders with a valid SMD file.

Many entities that request the same domain name during the Sunrise period will settle their claims via an auction.

Once the sunrise period ends here are 7 different periods in order to be able to register your .SHOP before opening at all. But why so many times and what are they used for?

In fact, it’s very simple. If you really want a domain name that is important to you or your company and you do not have the rights to register in Sunrise, you can do so here. But be careful, the first phase is the most expensive. According to the Registrars this can vary but enormously between 20 000 and 30 000 USD plus the price of the domain in the 60 $ to 70 $. At each phase, the cost of the administrative fee decreases until reaching the GO LIVE where there will be only the cost of the domain name.

.Cloud domains are now on sale

Sunday February 21st, 2016 @ 02:06 PM posted by Nicolas MATA

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

2016 Predictions: What to Expect for the Next Year in New TLDs

Monday December 21st, 2015 @ 01:55 PM posted by Nicolas MATA

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(Français) .CLUB 200 000 enregistrements

Friday April 3rd, 2015 @ 08:07 AM posted by Nicolas MATA

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bankWhat Financial Institutions Need To Know About .Bank.

Introduction to .BANK

In the past couple of years, ICANN, the international organization responsible for the management and oversight of the Internet, has approved the release of hundreds of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) – including .BANK. This vast expansion of the Internet beyond the traditional TLDs, such as .Com, .Net, and .Org, has profoundly affected trademark owners. For one, they must now police their trademarks across all of the new TLDs, which—absent sound legal strategy—can compound their costs of effective intellectual property rights enforcement. These new TLDs can also be leveraged by companies to protect their brands and good names. .BANK presents one such opportunity.

Benefits of .BANK

.BANK will be a secure and easily identifiable Internet space for banks, financial services organizations, and their customers. Unlike most new TLDs, .BANK will be restricted to legitimate members of the global banking community. All applicants attempting to register domain names in .BANK must verify their eligibility as financial institutions. Because of this, .BANK will be less prone to cybersquatting and misuse by unauthorized parties.  Even verified applicants can only purchase domain names that correspond to their trademarks or trade names. Because .BANK is going to be an exclusive space for the banking community, brand owners in the financial industry can leverage this TLD for new marketing and branding opportunities.

To Register in .BANK, First Use the Trademark Clearinghouse

.BANK will be publicly available as early as June 2015. But even before the launch, .BANK will provide a priority (Sunrise) registration period for trademark owners. The best way for a trademark holder to take advantage of the Sunrise period, and a host of other rights protection mechanisms, is to record its federally registered trademarks in the Trademark Clearinghouse, a special tool developed specifically to protect trademark rights. Recording marks in the Trademark Clearinghouse may be handled by accredited agents, such as our firm.

For a nominal fee (approximately $150 per mark), recording a registered trademark or trade name in the Trademark Clearinghouse provides several benefits: It enables the brand owner to register any domain names matching its recorded marks—in any new TLDs, including .BANK—before the general public. The Trademark Clearinghouse also 1) warns applicants if their applied-for domain names conflict with a recorded mark, and 2) provides notices to the brand owner if such matching domain names are ultimately registered. All in all, the Trademark Clearinghouse is an invaluable online rights protection tool we highly recommend.

The priority registration period for  .BANK begins on May 18, 2015. To take advantage of priority registration, to learn about the Trademark Clearinghouse, and a host of other rights protection mechanisms to protect your brand in .BANK , contact me.

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realtorlogo Il y a quelques semaines, la “National Association of Realtors” a lancé l’extension .realtor.

Le .Realtor a rapidement grimpé au top 4 des nouvelles extensions internet avec environ 85 000 noms de domaine dans le fichier zone.

Tout comme n°1 (.xyz) et le n°2 (.berlin), son succès a beaucoup à voir avec le fait que les noms de domaine soient gratuit la première année. La National Association of Realtors (NAR) donnera jusqu’à 500 000 noms de domaine gratuitement la première année; les autres coûtent 40 USD.

Mais pourquoi pouvons nous penser que ces différences avec d’autres extensions vont faire avancer le .realtor encore plus?

Premièrement, bien que la plupart des inscriptions sont libres, les sociétés immobilières devaient effectivement les enregistrer et ont été limités à un seul gratuitement. Cela signifie que 80 000 personnes sont maintenant plus conscientes de ce qui est à droite du point. En d’autres termes, ils comprennent un peu plus ce qui est un nouveau TLD.

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Nouveaux Tlds: .Quebec, .Top et .Engineer

Tuesday December 23rd, 2014 @ 09:07 AM posted by Nicolas MATA

.quebecQuelques nouvelles extensions en cette semaine d’avant Noël.

Quelques nouveaux TLD ont frappé les étagères des greffiers cette semaine, y compris un grand domaine de géo.

Voici un aperçu des nouvelles extensions de haut niveau déployées cette semaine.

.Quebec – Québec obtient son propre TLD ce mardi, mais son gouvernement va s’asseoir sur le banc de touche grâce à l’étiquette de transition de prix. Le domaine ne porte pas de restrictions géographiques, afin que les gens hors Québec puissent enregistrer des domaines.

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.pizza o sole mio

Monday November 17th, 2014 @ 02:49 PM posted by Nicolas MATA

La période de Sunrise  du .PIZZA pour les marques déposées dans la TMCH a lieu du 30 septembre 2014 au 29 novembre 2014.

Les noms de domaine en  .PIZZA seront disponibles à tous dès le 10 décembre 2014.

Le coût pour un .pizza en varie de 45€ à 75€ selon les Registrars et selon les promotions.

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