WSJ Report: + Trademark for Sale

mercredi 28 mai 2014 @ 15:48 posted by Nicolas MATA

Earlier this year, I wrote about the domain name and its interesting history as told by the former owner. is now owned by Mt. Gox, the troubled bitcoin exchange, and according to an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning, the domain name is reportedly going up for sale.

According to the WJS article published this morning by WSJ writer Takashi Mochizuki:

“The holding company of collapsed virtual currency exchange Mt. Gox is looking to sell the trademarked word bitcoin, a company executive said.

The company hopes to raise at least ¥100 million, or about $1 million, for a package including the bitcoin trademarks in Japan and the European Union as well as the domain name, the executive said.”

In the last year, bitcoin and other crypto currency related domain names have become fairly popular. In April, a company called Blockchain worked out some sort of deal to operate the singular domain name. In February, Niko Younts announced that he had sold the undeveloped domain name for $250,000, and a business was recently launched on that domain name by the buyer. I’ve also seen a number of other smaller sales reported at various venues.

In my opinion, based on the current market conditions, I would not be shocked to see the package sell for seven figures. In the last 10 days, it looks like bitcoin values have jumped from around $447.34 on May 18 to around $580.34 as of this morning (courtesy of Coinbase).

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