adix, registry operator of .tech and 8+ other new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) like .online, .store etc. announced that a start-up using a premium .tech domain, raised $6.7 million in funding last week.

The domain ‘‘ was privately brokered for an undisclosed amount earlier this year and is being used by a United States based startup. The company using works in conjunction with research labs and top investors to kick start and fund new innovations. First announced on, is the only new TLD featured in the list of the top startups funded last week.

In 2016, comes as a second big win for .tech, as it quickly gains popularity on the startup scene. Earlier this year in February, the winners of the Launch Hackathon (in San Francisco) also used a .tech domain for their project — The startup was the official winner of the Launch Hackathon and took home $250,000 as an investment from the event organizers.

CTA displaying its brand new domain at SXSW The TLD has also seen usage from popular and leading brands like CTA (the organizers of CES), Microsoft and Baidu. CTA showed off its brand new URL at SXSW, Microsoft is using the premium domain for its tech rewards program that helps developers hone their tech and programming skills. Baidu has secured its brand and points to its .com URL.

Suman Das, Category Manager for .TECH at Radix said « Usage and Adoption have been the key focus for .TECH since inception. The extension continues to woo innovators, early adopters and strikes a chord with the tech community. We love innovation and are thrilled to have BlueDot ( join the .TECH Community »

.tech has been actively working its way into the tech community and creating brand visibility through hackathons and tradeshows. Radix has already partnered with 20+ universities & organized hackathons in the first quarter with the eventual goal of making .TECH the de-facto TLD for the tech and start up community.

The .tech zone stands at 89,000+ domain names at the time of this release & it is also featured as one of the most used new gTLDs.



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