.Club has passed .Guru to become the new gTLD with the most registrations.

According to ntldstats.com, .CLub now has 59,400 domain names registered beating .Guru by just 120 registrations which is sitting at 59,240.

.Club also the fastest growing extension according to namestat.org, given the extension a rating of 100 on the scale of 100, while .Guru is still number three on the top 10 fastest growing list but only has a rating of 21.

In other new gTLD number news there are now more than 835,000 new gTLD registered

.Link has crossed over 30,000 registrations but its not clear how many of those are registered by a North Sound Names, a company controlled by Frank Schilling who also owns the registry of .Link, Uniregistry.

.Email has also crossed the 30,000 registration mark.

There are 48 new gTLD to have 5K or more registrations (including 3 less than 100 domains away from 5,000).

Donuts has 68% of all new gTLD registrations.

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